The Groesbeck's

The Groesbeck's

Monday, April 30, 2012


I love this man of mine! We spent this evening at my grandparent's house playing cards with the family. It was totally fun. BUT, driving home in our truck blaring some awesome tunes was possibly the best part of the evening for me. It reminded me of when we were dating...driving without kids and totally rocking out to our favorite music. We listened to Collective Soul (our favorite band), country artists (a lot of Gary Allan--LOVE), some Chicago (totally cheesy but fun to sing your heart out to), and hello, a little Beyonce (it was mostly me rocking out to her...). Gosh, it was so fun. Love driving in our truck, holding hands and singing our favorite songs. I could do that over and over again. I love that we love the same music, love spending time with each other, and love to be silly. Doesn't get better than that.

A little fishing buddy

I remember before Grayson was born and even when he was still just a baby, Garrett would talk about how he wished Grayson would grow up liking the things that he liked to do...hunting, fishing, etc. WELL, I'm pretty sure Garrett has nothing to worry about! Not only does Grayson talk about shooting things all the time, but the kid LOVES to fish! It's amazing to me how much time he can spend fishing with Garrett and not be bored of it. Last summer when Grayson was two and a half, we took a fishing trip as a family where we ended up being at the lake for about 4 hours fishing, and Grayson totally loved it. Wasn't bored at all.

Just this last Friday, Grayson got to go on another morning long fishing trip with his dad, uncle and grandpa. My father-in-law started talking to him about this fishing trip in the middle of the week, and Grayson was SO excited to go!

When Friday morning came, he was ready to go! Grayson woke us up around 8. He wanted help getting dressed, so Garrett helped him while I made some strawberry muffins to send with them on the road. Garrett helped Grayson get his fishing pole and tackle box all ready to go. He could hardly wait for Grandpa and Bryan to show up so that they could leave.

Before they left for the morning, I had to snap a picture of him--all ready to go.

I think for now...Garrett has nothing to worry about. I hope this is something that they can do together for years to come. Right now, Garrett has got himself the cutest little fishing buddy.


About a week ago, I sat down with Grayson for dinner and helped him say the prayer to bless the food. In every prayer, we always go through a list that we are thankful for. Usually I will prompt Grayson by saying, "What are you thankful for?", and he will then provide a list. After he says each thing, though, he expects me to repeat after him.

On this particular night I, like usual, asked him what he was thankful for. I don't remember the first thing he was thankful for, but the second thing that came out of his mouth was...."My penis." I started giggling and tried to brush past it without repeating it after him by saying something like, "Uh-huh, and what else?" Apparently this response wouldn't do because he paused, looked at me and repeated, "My penis!" I couldn't get myself to repeat his words in a, I was giggling too much to keep praying anyway. I don't remember what I said to make him move on but he eventually did. CRACKED me up! 

I guess it's a good thing to be thankful for???